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For the triplet’s first birthday party I wanted to do something pretty special. Its not everyday you get to celebrate your babies first birthday – especially three of your babies at once! Plus, I wanted to throw a party to celebrate us making it through our first year as a family of six – with four kids – 2 and under. So, I may have gone a little crazy… But I had so much fun planning.

So, here’s the run down on what we did for the party – and details of where you can get any of the details you fall in love with!

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Because the babies are born on the 1st of June (the first day of Winter), I decided the theme for the party would be a Winter ONEderland. I went with a colour palette of pastel pinks, blue tones and crisp whites with a hint of gold and it was infused in everything from the trio of La Manna Cakes to the Icy Fairy Floss and everything in-between.
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Before I go on to tell you where everything was from, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Steph Brown for capturing all these beautiful images – she is gorgeous inside and out and such a talented photographer! Thanks Steph.


The babies gorgeous outfits were from Pure Baby Organic from the Nordic collection (very on-theme for Winter!) Summer wore the Snowstorm Overalls with the icicle beanie while the boys wore gorgeous knits paired with a denim puffer vest. Pure baby is definitely one of my fav kids labels and they looked so gorgeous all rugged up in their Winter digs.
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All the mini patisserie (donuts, biscuits, macaroons) were from Burnt Butter Cakes – they were so gorgeous and on-theme with the white icing and gold kisses – Lisa from Burnt Butter really got my theme and came to the party with the goods (pun intended!) She also found that amazing backdrop in our colour palette and the Jumbo Balloons with tassels all came from Burnt Butter as well.
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All the gorgeous party ware was from Ruby Rabbit – the gold straws, white and gold coasters, blush napkins and cups and marble plates. Alex from Ruby Rabbit was incredible at helping pull together the look I was after and Ruby Rabbit definitely has the best array of Party Ware.



I didn’t want to have to do any cooking in the lead up to the party because our days are already so busy so I decided we were going to outsource EVERYTHING.
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We are HUGE pizza fans (we make home made pizza every Friday night) so it was a no-brainer to choose Happy Camper Pizza to do our catering. They are a local business from Yarraville (in Melbourne, Australia) and it was so amazing.


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At first, I felt bad for ordering cakes for the babies first birthdays as I made Zee’s first birthday cake, but I decide to cut myself a little slack – after all there are many years ahead where I can test out my baking skills at birthday time. And anyway, there is no way I could have pulled off the AMAZING-NESS that La Manna did for our cakes. They tasted even better than they looked.


The gorgeous cake toppers were from Merc + Jones. Nic Mercia who runs Merc + Jones made the cake toppers from the same font that appeared on our invitations so it all tied in perfectly. She also made all the gorgeous snowflake cake toppers and decorations.



My sister met the gorgeous Alysia at a party last year and told me I just had to have her at the party, so we asked Alysia to come and bring her vintage Fairy Floss Cart – and it was such a hit with the kids (not so much the parents who had to take their kids home on a sugar rush after the party!).
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We had such an amazing time with our friends and family, and we feel very blessed to have been able to share our day with all of the people that have been there to support us over the last year.


Thanks so much to everyone who helped us on the day.


xx Em

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