Okay, so I may have a slight obsession with buying clothes, my kids have a better wardrobe than me because I no longer have time to shop for myself, I have to live vicariously through them.

Although I love shopping all the new labels on instagram, I also love shopping for our everyday outfits for the kids from Target.

For Zee, the Boys 1 – 7 range is super trendy, with lots of origami prints, palm trees and surf wear. Piping Hot’s new range is available exclusively at Target and Zee is just loving his new surfy vibe, ready for our holiday down the coast over Summer.


Boys’ Piping Hot Short Sleeve Surf Print T-Shirt – Only $12′

We even got all our Christmas decorations and lights at Target this year! I love having a real Christmas tree this year, it’s the first real one we’ve had in years!
For the babies, I’m in love with the Mix N Match leggings and Tees, I bought these 3 outfits for $30 ($5 each item), and the best part is, that they actually last. Given that a day in our house can involve up to 3 outfit changes per baby (thanks reflux!), all the babies outfits go through the wash a lot, so they need to be good quality.

I love buying matching, but not matching (if you know what I mean) outfits for the babies, so the Mix N Match range is awesome. I love dressing them up with cute bibs and accessories that I find through little local labels.


I also loved buying the boys their first beach outfits with these super cute boardies, and comfy tees.


And for our little Summer, I have found some beautiful dresses. I’m in love with this denim dress and chambray vest. I don’t usually like too much pink, so I’m loving the baby blue on her, with a touch of pink… When I was there I also found these pillows in the homewares section, in my favorite color!! Perfect addition to the babies room for a splash of colour.

So much choice for girls… And loving the denim shorts, which are a bit big on her at the moment, but are going to be super cute once she grows into them a bit more.


So, its safe to say, that I am going to need to get these kids a walk-in robe soon, as they have more clothes than we know what to do with!


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