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River Vs Dyson V6
Review by Emily Murray

Meet River, our beautiful Golden Retriever. I love her very much, but I do NOT love having to clean my floorboards twice daily because of her hair.

I really shouldn’t complain, after all, it was my choice to get dark wooden floorboards and a white golden retriever. Well, who knew that would be such a bad combination? And god help me, its even worse at this time of year when we’re heading into Summer and she is shedding her entire coat.

Okay, so I admit that some of the choices I have made haven’t been all that well thought out, but I stand by my choices. I love my floorboards, and I love my dog, I just don’t love them together.

Now, let me be straight with you. I rarely fall in love with cleaning products. Okay, let me rephrase that. I have never fallen in love with a cleaning product in my life. I’m not one to enjoy household chores. In fact, I hate cleaning. Lucky for my husband I love cooking… but cleaning just isn’t my thing!

However, I will give an exception to the Dyson V6 Absolute. I have to admit that I’m slightly obsessed with it. I hear my friends saying, really? Yes, really!

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We’ve had a Dyson bag less vacuum cleaner for about 10 years now (and its still working like new), but occasionally you just want to do a spot clean and you cant be bothered dragging it out of the cupboard.

Well, the Dyson V6 Absolute hand-held Vac cordless Vac is perfect for small jobs (like running around like a mad woman before visitors arrive) and lasts pretty well considering its size. Just don’t press the MAX power button accidently like I have done a couple of times. It lasts around 20 mins on normal power, but about 5 or 6 on Max power!!

I love this Vac for so many reasons, but mainly because its super tight seal means a super powerful suck and it doesn’t let all the dust particles escape. This is so important in our family as we have a house full of people with dust allergies!


It’s also perfect for our house as it comes with a soft roller which doesn’t scratch our beautiful wooden floor boards. Plus, its light weight which means that you can get into corners and get those cobwebs (which we need at our place as we get tonnes of spiders, including white tails!)

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And, it converts to hand held which is great for picking up crumbs and sultanas (thanks to our 2 year-old!) from underneath couch cushions and in the car. It’s a life saver not having to drag the whole vacuum cleaner out to the car to clean it, and with four children and a dog, our car needs cleaning on a regular basis! The Dyson v6 has been amazing at sucking up Rivers hair from our black car interior!

So, if you want my opinion, I think the Dyson v6 is a great purchase. I mean they’re not cheap. Depending on the model they retail for around $500 – $900, but I think it’s absolutely worth it, especially if you have kids and dogs like us! Anything that saves you time, in my opinion, is worth the investment.

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