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As you can imagine, we don’t get to go on too many holidays at the moment! Having four kids 2 and under means we cant fly anywhere (unless we can convince someone to come with us to look after one of the babies) – as you need one adult per child under the age of 2 (we’re totally out numbered!) So, we were pretty excited to get away for a mini-vacay to Ballarat.

I haven’t been to Ballarat since I was in Primary school which was, well, lets just say – a while ago! We decided to head down to check out the Winterlude!

We stayed in the most beautifully refurbished self-contained apartment right in the centre of Ballarat – Twelve Errard. It’s only just opened its doors and was the perfect little home away from home for us.
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Once we checked in to our little home we decided to take the kids to Sovereign Hill – for a bit of a trip down memory lane – and to check out the “snowflakes display” which happens every hour during July. Zee couldn’t quite get his head around what was going on at first, but after he worked out what was going on he loved it. We met a Blacksmith, played indoor vintage bowling (I was terrible), went to the New York bakery for lunch and panned for gold. Zee’s favourite part was of course the lolly shop.
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We headed back to our little pad for a bit of a reset (nap!) before heading out for dinner. We decided to walk down which was a fun little adventure – and it meant that this mama could enjoy a couple of glasses of vino and not have to be designated driver for once. Being the pizza lovers we are, we headed to The Forge pizzeria – and it was seriously amazing! I would have to say that its definitely in my top 3 (I’m pretty sure I have eaten my way around Australia in the finest pizzerias!) So nice to get out and eat dinner as a family as we don’t often get to do that. I just felt terrible at the mess we made – the babies are such messy little eaters!!
After our walk home we got the babies to bed and tuned into some Netflix for the night. We had a lazy morning with the babies (who woke us up around 5am!) and then headed to the Golden City Hotel for breakfast. After downing a few café lattes I was back in action after my 5 hours sleep! Breakfast was delish and the babies made sure that their presence was noted again with more food ending up on the floor than in their mouths.

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Then off to the Ballarat Wildlife Park. We patted kangaroos, met a few koalas, roasted marshmallows in the fire pits and we even watched the croc called “Crunch” eat his lunch – I think this was definitely the high-light for Zee! I’m not sure he really understood what the keepers were feeding Crunch (poor rabbits) – maybe we’ll keep that story for another day when he’s a little bit older.
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All in all, we had an awesome mini break and cant wait to go back again when the babies are a bit older. Definitely worth a trip if you’re looking for something fun to do this school holidays!

xx Em

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