My 12 Week Challenge


I’m one week in to my 12-week challenge with Fernwood gym, and so far, so good. I certainly haven’t been perfect, but we’re going for progress, not perfection, this time around.

I’ve tried to do these types of challenges before – and I always start strong. My problem is finishing! Just ask my husband how many things I’ve started and left unfinished…
My photography course, my veggie garden and home office organisation project – just to name a few! I get really excited about things at the start but, if I’m honest, I can get easily bored and if I don’t see results straight away I lose interest quickly. Surely I’m not alone in this?

So what makes this time different? Well, this time I haven’t just started on day one and tried to drastically change my liftestyle. In the six-week lead-up to this challenge (since New Year’s), I started putting new habits into my daily life so it wasn’t such a shock to my system. My approach for success? I don’t want to think about this challenge as a 12-week program, I want it to be the start of a new way of life, so I certainly won’t be celebrating the challenge with a Big Mac and fries!


On New Year’s, I gave up alcohol (well, aside from a cheeky slip-up for a couple of glasses of Verve on Valentine’s Day). I want to make this realistic, so I am giving myself a couple of leave passes for a few weddings we have coming up, but I hope by the end of the year I can count on one hand how many times I have had a drink.

Step 1: I started walking more. Walking the kids to childcare when possible, walking the dog more (poor River hasn’t been getting out much, so we need to make her a priority). Walking on the treadmill when the babies are having their day-time nap. Small steps that are having a cumulative effect. Everyone laughed at me when I said I was buying a treadmill but it was one of the best things I have done for my health. After all, it’s not easy getting out of the house with 4 kids for exercise!! (who would have thought!)


I started drinking more water. I am still pretty terrible at this, but I’m being more conscious of it. I’m certainly not drinking my recommended 2 – 3L a day but I’m drinking more water than I was last year. So, I’m trying to focus on the positives.
This time, I feel like I’m finally in the right mindset to smash this.

Before starting this latest challenge officially, I had already lost 3kg, just by making these small adjustments to my life, so I know that if I can stick to the plan I can definitely lose the extra 9 – 10 kilos in 12 weeks to reach my ultimate goals. But I also know that, even If I don’t lose the full amount, I will get close, and, most importantly of all, I already feel fitter and happier – so I must be on the right track.


My Week One Diary

This week, I started off strong, but I certainly haven’t been perfect and that’s okay, because next week will get better and easier.

I stuck to the plan 100% and did my first Boot Camp session. I struggled with some of the exercises and struggled to walk on Tuesday – so that must be a good sign.

After barely being able to get out of bed, I was feeling sore but also totally motivated. I stuck to the plan – 100% – and went for a 30-min walk on the treadmill AND finished with a 15-min jog while the kids slept.

I got smashed with work and didn’t find any time to exercise. I was also hungry all day so I ate a bit extra than the plan said to (and may have snuck in some of the kids left-overs!!) Oh well. Tomorrow really is another day…

I ate well and had my 30-min PT session at Fernwood with Jenni. She kicked my butt and it was awesome. I should have stayed to do some stretching or cardio but had a busy day planned with work. I still feel like I achieved something and I know even small things can make a big difference when you add them all up.

Rest day! No exercise, as I was held hostage at home by UPS waiting for an urgent delivery! By the time they came at 4pm (!) It had started raining. I didn’t stick to the eating plan but at least we ate a healthy dinner.

I had my brother-in-law’s 40TH birthday so I allowed myself a day off and ate what I wanted – but I did maintain some self-control and steered clear of the cheese platter, which is normally my weakness. I may have also snuck in a few glasses of vino, but we walked home – a 20-min stroll – from the party and I also went for a one-hour walk before the party, so those efforts will, hopefully, counter-balance some of the calories.

Tried to take the kids for a walk but Summer screamed the whole way, so it was short-lived. I ate well and did the shopping for Week 2’s meal planning.

I think there were a few areas I fell down, and a few adjustments I need to make for Week 2 and beyond.

What I’ve learned? Meal preparation is a must when you’re busy.
Prioritising fitness is a must, too. It needs to go in the diary just like all the kids’ appointments and all your work commitments. It has to be a non-negotiable.
I need to get to my PT sessions earlier, so I can spend some time doing some cardio before the session.

I’m excited about Week 2 and can’t wait to see the results on the scales in the coming weeks!

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