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I’ve never been more amazed by the human body and what it’s capable of before now. After having triplets almost 10 weeks ago, I stop and look at our little miracle babies everyday and wonder how the hell they all fit in my belly. I’m only 5.4” so not really the ideal body type to be having multiple babies. But, I did, and I managed to birth three very healthy babies, totaling an impressive 7kgs between them (plus 3 placentas which would take the total up to around 10kg!)

Throughout my pregnancy, I put on just over 25kgs, and after 10 weeks, I still have about 8kgs to loose. I also have about 18 cm to lose around my waist, which is partially due to swelling from pregnancy and partly due to the fact that I haven’t been eating right over the past 6 months (thanks Melbourne for the coffee obsession and the Nutella donut craze!).

Some days, I will look at the clock and its 2.00pm and I realise I haven’t eaten. Then, to try and pack the calories in (to ensure I’m eating enough to produce milk for breastfeeding), I eat less than healthy options – pretty much whatever I can find in the house. It’s not like I can just pop down the street and buy healthy options with four children 2 and under, so unless I’m organized (which I haven’t been!), I’ll just eat what I can find.

I also haven’t exercised since I was about 12 weeks pregnant. I’ve done the occasional walk, but I just didn’t and haven’t found the energy. I also have significant muscle separation, and I have lost a lot of my muscle due to lack of excise during and post pregnancy. I really haven’t exercised in almost 6 months, and I’m definitely feeling the most unfit I have ever felt.

Carrying triplets really put a strain on my body in every sense possible, much more so than my first pregnancy – even though our 2 year old was a whopping 4.5kg at birth! This pregnancy was the hardest thing I have ever done, and also the most amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not unhappy with my new post-baby body, I’m amazed by it – but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to look and be your best and I think its super important to make some time each day for yourself.

So, I have decided that there’s no time like the present… I’m going to get my body and fitness back over these next three months, just in time for Summer and my gorgeous friends wedding – where I’m a bridesmaid on NYE! I don’t just want to look healthy, but I also want to feel fit so I can keep up with my growing family. Having 3 boys and a girl (all 2 years and under) is hard work, and I need to be at my best to keep up with it all.

So, this week, I’m starting the Michelle Bridges 12WBT. It’s not really about the weight loss, sure I’d love to get back to my ideal weight of 55kg, but it’s more about making sure I am eating right and exercising to help repair the damage done to my body carrying three babies.

I’m excited about this challenge and I plan on sticking to it and finishing strong. I’m doing the post pregnancy plan, and I get to have an extra 500 calories for breastfeeding. It will also focus on core strength which will help me repair the muscle separation from pregnancy.

Over the next 12 weeks, I have to focus on eating right, exercising 3 – 4 times per week and getting enough sleep – which means forcing myself to have naps during the day if the babies keep me up all night. There is no quicker way to loose your milk than doing too much and not eating and resting enough, and I have 3 babies to consider and above all, my kids are my number one priority!

Mostly, I’m excited that there are calorie allowances for “dairy snacks”, or in other words – coffee!!!

Bring it on.

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