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I’ve been (online) shopping with Feather & Noise since it began in 2013.

I was sitting in a café with my mothers group just after having Zee, and was admiring my new friends outfit. Of course, I had to ask where she got it and she told me that a friend of hers had started an online Facebook group where you could buy good quality, stylish clothes at really affordable prices. I immediately jumped on to the page and requested to join. From that moment on, I was an F&N lover.

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I bought my first item the very day my request to join was accepted – I felt like I was part of a special club! I remember everything was running out like hot cakes, Ali would post an item, and the comments would run wild, with women trying to grab the last one in their size.

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The first item I bought was a beautiful knit cardigan and I still wear it to this day. The first time I wore it, I got so many comments from my friends and I told them about the secret club I’d discovered on facebook. We all joined and still love the occasional spot of cheeky online shopping at F&N! And now, I quite literally have every single colour in the Manhattan Tee pictured above!

So, it was so exciting when Ali got in touch with me 2 years later to ask if I would be their guest at F&N for a fashion and pampering day! I got to try out some of the latest fashion pieces, and had my hair and make-up done by the team and I got some beautiful photos taken by the very talented Clare Lapworth. It was such a fun day hanging out with the F&N team, and it makes me love the brand even more than I did.

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Ali loves denim (and chambray!), stripes, and basic tees – much like my own style. Ali has 2 kids under three, so much like me, she doesn’t have a lot of time to mess around with finding the perfect outfit – it has to be simple, basic and stylish. The F&N brand is perfect for busy mums, who want to keep up with the latest trends but don’t have time for endless (uninterrupted) shopping trips like we had pre-kids.

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If you haven’t already, head over and check out the F&N page on instagram, you’ll see all the latest trends and styles – hand picked by the gorgeous and stylish Alison Long.

You wont regret it, I promise.

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